Some Friday fun

It’s looking like spring outside and the team is in a pretty bubbly mood today, so I asked them to make suggestions for today’s inspirational video. The one they chose is just plain fun. Some days you just have to let it loose. We’re having fun here today and thought you should be too. (if […]

More than Double-digit ROI?

Last week, I showed you how we deliver double-digit returns to our clients. Not just a few, but ALL of our clients who invest in the income properties we provide. If you didn’t read last week’s email and you’re surprised to hear what I just said…. YES. ALL of our clients bought properties with double-digit […]

Have we spoiled you with double digit ROI?

I wonder if we’ve spoiled you with our double-digit ROI properties? I just did a little fact-checking. Last year, in 2014, we had over 200 people invest in cash-flow property with us for the first time. 100% of them received double-digit returns on their investment. Let me say it again. 100% of them made more […]

You don’t have to wait for permission

There’s an interesting human behavior that cause the majority of people to wait to do something they want. They wait for the right conditions. They wait until they have complete knowledge. They wait for permission. All of these are symptoms of a cultural upbringing where we stand in line because we’re told to. The truth […]

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